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Melton and Rutland Networking are a group of Business and Trades people who have created an informal, relaxed and successful Business Networking environment to generate growth within the group and support each other with business related issues.

Where we differ from other Networking groups

Work life offers enough challenges without having another set of targets thrust upon us, so, we don't insist on our members bringing in a lead. We prefer buisness leads to be generated naturally which is why we only have one member at a time representing a specific trade or occupation. You'll find our members representing Plumbers, Builders, and HR Consultants among others.

We operate a strict 'one business or trade per member'. If your business is covered by one of our members below, then sadly the slot is already taken. If not, we'd be delighted to hear from you. We're especially looking for a Vehicle Technician or Therapist.

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